Thursday, February 3, 2011

More From My321Deal: A Credit-Based Group Purchasing Site

Last month we told you about My321Deal -- a new group purchasing website with a kick. When you get friends to register, you'll earn 3% from every daily deal they buy -- forever. And 2% from every daily deal their connections buy. And 1% from every daily deal their connections' connections buy.

Confused? Well give you an example.

Say you sign up ten friends. And they each sign up ten friends. And they each sign up ten friends. That means you'll be earning money when more than 1,000 different people make a purchase on My321Deal. It adds up. And to prove it, you can use the site's handy calculator.

Today's deal is a $119 Tandem Jump with Sportations (Regularly $270)!

Click here to register and start getting your friends to sign up. A person can only be referred once, so if someone refers one of your friends before you do, they are gone forever!

 this is a sponsored posting from my321deal

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