Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BiteHunter: The World's First Real Time Dining Search Engine

Today we bring you word of BiteHunter -- a must-visit website for any foodie! It's the world's first real time dining search engine.

The site has created a revolutionary way to search for dining information by aggregating deals and specials.  It provides real time dining information from all outlets in an easy to follow format. Now you don't need to visit multiple websites and search through Twitter feeds to learn about every dining deal out there. BiteHunter's real time search engine allows you to find live dining information quickly and with ease.

Among the outlets BiteHunter collects information from are: restaurant e-newsletters, daily deal websites (like us!), reward programs offered by companies like Open Table, and promotions on Four Square.

Click here to visit BiteHunter now!

this is a sponsored posting from bitehunter.

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