Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Exclusive: $1 Slices Of Pizza In Midtown Today

Today, we're partnering with Manhattan's first eco-friendly pizza place to bring you a special treat! Swing by Midtown's Pizza By Cer Te starting at 12PM this afternoon where you can order two slices of their Margherita pizza for a total of just $2.00. Simply mention NYC Daily Deals at the register and you'll be all set!

Pizza By Cer Te will also be providing all of the pizza at the NYC Pizza Run later this month where participants will be faced with the challenge of completing a 2.25 mile race while stopping to eat slices of pizza at checkpoints throughout the course.

Pizza by Cer Te is located at 132 East 56th between Park and Lexington. (212) 813-2020.


Anonymous said...

Is this deal from 12 pm to closing?

Anonymous said...

I mentioned nycdailydeals, and the register worker said that you had to work for a certain company in order to get the deal. Needless to say, I didn't get the deal.

Elaine said...

FYI - Not for everyone:(
I was going to ask the woman at the register if I had to buy 2 slices to get the deal. As soon as I mentioned NYC Daily Deals she said that the special was only for certain companies and asked me where I worked. As I am currently unemployed I was not able to get in on the deal.


Hey guys! It’s my understanding that there was an overzealous cashier on the register at noon.

The owner tells me: “We had a cashier in training today. She was not even suppose to be talking to customers.”

As of 12:45 things seem to be smoothed out now. Apologies to anyone who had any issues.

And yes -- the deal is taking place all day.

Anonymous said...

Do you have to order 2 slices or can you get 1 slice for $1?


slices are $1 each. the actual deal is 2 for $2, to ensure that people don't start ordering pies for $8... but i think if you want more than two slices they'll accommodate as long as it's within reason!

cbzb said...

Too little, too late. I went over theere yeaterday, too - right after noon (because of what I encountered at Patsy's anniversary deal a montha go) could not get the deal (though I tried) and was not able to make it back there. Why would I, anyway? I had already wasted my time and effort, treking up there from Chelsea where I'd been in the AM and I had to trek overto the upper westside. I was not happy.

As aresult, I won't be going back there to eat - ever.