Friday, June 25, 2010

New York Vs. Chicago Pizza T-Shirt

Pizza. It's the topic of so many food discussions and debates. And now Chicago t-shirt company Scared Panda has decided to create a t-shirt to celebrate the epic battle between the thin New York slice and the deep dish Chicago slice. How cool!

The t-shirt company focuses on connecting with local artists to create shirts based on their experiences. The artists also have the chance to pick a charity to which 10% of the sales of the t-shirts they design go to. Scared Panda hopes to begin selling more New York inspired t-shirts soon!

In the meantime, visit their website and make sure to pick up once of these awesome pizza shirts! Ten percent of the proceeds will go to the Anti-Cruelty Society which is committed to serving the needs of companion animals and the humans who care for them.

Want one for free? Today we send you to the IDREAMOFPIZZA Facebook page, where you'll find a posting about Scared Panda. In the comments section, let us know what the first thing that comes to mind is when you think about pandas. You'll automatically be entered to win a free pizza t-shirt from the company -- we'll pick a winner this afternoon!

This is a sponsored posting from Scared Panda.

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