Sunday, May 30, 2010

50 Free Movies In NYC This Summer

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend! Today we present a list from PulseJFK of 50 free movies being shown in New York this summer. Many of them will appear on NYCDAILYDEALS in the coming months, but for those of you who like to mark your calendars... here you go! These are ten we're planning on checking out:

June 19th- Field of Dreams- Intrepid

July 7th- The Hangover- Pier 54

July 14th- Pan's Labyrinth- Pier I

July 21st- The Proposal- Pier 54

July 22nd- The Big Lebowski- Brooklyn Bridge

July 23rd- The Goonies- Intrepid

August 4th- Big Fish- Pier I

August 6th- Raiders of the Lost Ark- Intrepid

August 11th- Public Enemies- Pier 54

August 12th- Dream Girls- Brooklyn Bridge

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