Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where To Fill Up Your Growlers On Super Bowl Sunday

I hereby proclaim 2010 the year of the growler! Yes -- the growler has been back for a while, but don't be surprised if more people show up to your Super Bowl party with growlers than six packs. A New York Times article from last month (The New Old Way to Tote Your Beer) provides a pretty good list of places where you can get your fill on, but here are a couple of places you might want to hit up today:

L'asso is offering customers $5 growlers with the purchase of a large pizza pie today only. The $5 price tag includes the growler itself and the 64 ounces of beer to go with it. They have Southampton Double White, Lighthouse Ale, Oreilly's Stout, and Coors Banquet on tap.

Personally, I'll be heading over to Whole Foods on Houston Street where my favorite brewery -- Sixpoint -- will be pouring six of their beers from 1PM - 5PM. A growler will run you about $13.99 and the line-up includes: Sixpoint Redd, Double Sweet Action, Bengali Tiger, Diesel Stout, Righteous Ale, Mason's Black Wheat.

Let's go... Saints!!

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