Wednesday, February 3, 2010

City Bakery's Annual Hot Chocolate Festival

City Bakery kicked off it's 18th annual hot chocolate festival earlier this week. Every day this month there is a different flavor for you to try. From Bourbon Hot Chocolate to Vietnamese Cinnamon Hot Chocolate, there is sure to be something to spruce up your palate. Check out all the available flavors here or below.

Wednesday, February 3: Chinese Cinnamon Hot Chocolate
Thursday, February 4: Espresso Hot Chocolate
Friday, February 5: Ginger Hot Chocolate
Saturday, February 6: Banana Peel Hot Chocolate
Sunday, February 7: Caramel Hot Chocolate
Monday, February 8: Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate
Tuesday, February 9: Earl Grey Tea Hot Chocolate
Wednesday, February 10: Introducing….Moulin Rouge Hot Chocolate!
Thursday, February 11: Tropical Hot Chocolate
Friday, February 12: Bourbon Hot Chocolate
Saturday, February 13: Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate
Sunday, February 14: Love Potion Hot Chocolate
Monday, February 15: Vietnamese Cinnamon Hot Chocolate
Tuesday, February 16: Hi Ho Pistachio Hot Chocolate
Wednesday, February 17: Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate
Thursday, February 18: Darkest Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate
Friday, February 19: Creamy Stout Hot Chocolate
Saturday, February 20: Happy Hot Chocolate
Sunday, February 21: Sunken Treasure Hot Chocolate
Monday, February 22: Ginger Hot Chocolate
Tuesday, February 23: Arabian Nights Hot Chocolate
Wednesday, February 24: Ode to the Polar Bear Hot Chocolate
Thursday, February 25: Beer + Brown Sugar Hot Chocolate
Friday, February 26: Shangri-La Hot Chocolate
Saturday, February 27: Banana Peel Hot Chocolate
Sunday, February 28: Festival Finale TBD

Although not cheap, you might also be interested in stopping by Clinton Street Bakery for some pancakes this month. They'll have different types throughout the month:

Feb 1st, 2nd, 3rd: chocolate & blood orange pancakes w/candied orange glaze
Feb 4th, 5th: poached pears with vanilla bean whipped cream & warm maple butter
Feb 8th, 9th: fresh coconut pancakes with passion fruit syrup and bananas
Feb 10th, 11th: roasted apples with candied walnuts and warm maple caramel
Feb 12th, 15th: chocolate chunks, fresh raspberries, and raspberry-caramel sauce
Feb 16th, 17th: brown sugar pecans, bananas and cinnamon maple butter
Feb 18th, 19th, 22th: classic chocolate chunk
Feb 23th, 24th: fresh blackberries, pecan streusel, warm maple butter
Feb 25th, 26th: crunchy bananas with cinnamon-chili-chocolate sau

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