Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cheap Classes On... Everything... At Brooklyn Brainery

Last year, Brooklyn Brainery launched a series of collaborative classes on anything and everything. Seriously.

just opened for the new season and all of their classes will fill up quickly. So what's the catch? Well each class meets four times and costs a total of only $25. Do the math. That's $6.25 a class. Click on each class below for more information. Spring classes include:

Meat!: Learn the difference between top round and a tenderloin, the nuances of braising, and where to find cow's lung.

Beauty School Dropout: Freshen up your cosmetic skills - we'll cover history and chemistry along with the theory behind what looks good on who.

Paper Arts: If you think paper is just for crumpling up in movie scenes about writer's block, you would oddly be incorrect: we'll cover paper-making, bookbinding, paper planes, origami and a billion other neat things.

Introduction to Gardening: Whether you have a backyard or a windowsill we'll figure out how to make it grow green.


E / A / B designs said...

when done correctly, the math works out to $6.25 per class x4 classes = $25. Just saying-

foofah said...

Does anybody know of something cheap like this, except in Manhattan?

RK said...

I'd like to know of more events like this too, it sounds interesting