Wednesday, December 9, 2009

100,000 FREE Bus Tickets Across Northeast & Midwest

Megabus is giving away 100,000 free bus tickets -- no, really... they're completely free. Once the free seats on each route are filled, remaining seats will start as low as $1 each way. I just booked a trip to DC over President's Day Weekend -- no charge!

Visit and enter the code GETAWAY.


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me how they are making money?

Anonymous said...

Megabus makes their money off of the non-$1 seats they have. The bus is booked solid at holiday times and often charges around $35 per seat... which is why they can afford to have $1 seats available at other times.

Anonymous said...

these free bus tickets are not at convenient times, so most people will buy a free one there and pay for the one back, making them money.

also, they never charge more than 25 per seat.

Anonymous said...

Whahooo! I love going to DC. I love it even more when it's free!!

I'm gettin one right now to go partay wit ma gurllsss.!