Friday, October 23, 2009

$2 Sliders At Mark Burger On St. Mark's

There's a lot of hype surrounding a few new burger places that have opened recently. According to AlwaysHungryNY, "with everyone obsessing over Bill’s Bar & Burger there is a sleeper that is going under the radar that may just be serving the best sliders in New York."

And that place is Mark Burger (33 St Mark's Place), which is serving up delectable $2 sliders. And as you can see below, they're quite sizable. One more accolade from GrubStreet: "it’s arguable that Mark Burger is operating at a more favorable taste-to-cost ratio than Bill’s is — their sliders are $2 a pop, and they’re worth every penny."

Convinced? Go get yourself some meat!

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Maxwell Waters said...

these sliders are some of the best i have ever I had. This week I am going there to try to break their most sliders eaten in one sitting record