Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Get 20% Off At Five New York Restaurants

I was never a huge fan of coupons where you can save 5% or even 10% off your meal. It's great to spend $19 instead of $20, but it's not a discount that's going to have any real effect on my finances. Once you get up into the 20% discount range, we can start talking! Here are five NYC eating establishments offering such a discount.

20% off at Supermac (348 7th Avenue)
20% off at Broadway Joe Steakhouse
(315 W. 46th Street)
20% off at Senor Swanky's (513 Columbus Avenue)
20% off at Garage Restaurant & Cafe (99 7th Avenue South)
20% off at Berrywild (427 3rd Avenue)

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Anonymous said...

The Berrywild one expired!