Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great Happy Hour @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg

Normally concert venues jack up their drink prices because (a) that's how they make money, (b) they've got you trapped inside and (c) they know you need about six PBRs before you'll start singing along to Katy Perry on the sound system in between bands.

Anyhow, the recently renovated Music Hall Of Williamsburg is not one of those venues. They have an amazing happy hour that lasts until 8 PM each evening -- $3 well drinks and draft beers (including Stella and Blue Moon). So pound them down while the opening band is on stage and you'll be drunk off of a single good old Andrew Jackson (that'd be a $20 bill for all you non-history buffs).

You can check out the venue's upcoming concert schedule here. Matt & Kim grace the stage this evening. Overrated? Or underrated? You decide.

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theschnaz said...

It's nice to see a venue give its customers a break. I'm sure everyone here has paid $10 for a beer at a concert before.

I need to check this place out, I hear nothing but good things.

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