Monday, December 1, 2008

Pizza Slices For $1.00 - All Over Town!

As ingredients become more expensive, the price of a slice of pizza has been becoming more expensive too. When I moved to the city in 2002, it was rare to find a slice for more than $2.00. But now a $2.00 slice is considered a steal. An article that ran in the New York Times last year (Will Subway Fares Rise? Check at Your Pizza Place) chronicled the rise in pizza slices alongside the rise in subway fares.

But wait... A weird thing has been happening... mostly downtown. A number of pizza places have reduced the cost of their slices to $1.00. These places don't serve up the best pizza in town, but it sure is a good bargain.

Here is NYCDAILYDEALS exclusive list of pizza places which are serving up $1 slices:

Pizzanini - 133 2nd Avenue (East Village)

2 Bros Pizza - 32 St. Marks Place (East Village)

2 Bros Pizza - 601 6th Avenue (Flatiron)

99 Cents Fresh Pizza
- 569 9th Avenue (Hell's Kitchen)

99 Cent Fresh Pizza - 151 East 43rd Street (Midtown East)

Mamani - 151 Avenue A (Alphabet City)

Prince Deli
- 679 3rd Avenue (Midtown East)


Anonymous said...

I discovered SLICE on the Upper East Side and its great and inexpensive too. Also organic and healthy for you if you could imagine pizza being good and healthy, check it out sometime:

Anonymous said...

Also, Z Deli at 803 8th Avenue, between 48th and 49th Streets, has been selling plain slices for one dollar for over a year. The quality has been improving.

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