Monday, January 19, 2009

Free Pizza In Greenpoint - Alligator Lounge Opens 2nd Location

Alligator Lounge - which was one of the first bars in New York City to serve a free pizza with each beer - has opened a new location in Greenpoint. Alligator 2 has taken over the space formally occupied by Lost & Found which was known for serving up free hot dogs with each brew. We'd prefer the pizza.

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:: smo :: said...

i noticed the changeover and to be honest it made me a little sad. pizza is bonus, but lost and found was a cool bar. and as a nondrinker i prefer bars that aren't boring as sin to hang out in [skeeball higher on my selling points than pizza] i just moved to the neighborhood and was pretty amped to live up the street. i hope this place is cooler than the alligator on metropolitan/lorimer. maybe they still have the skeeball? i guess i should go inside and see...